What can you challenge yourself to do for 30 days?

30 Day ChallengeI watched Matt Cutts do an amazing TEDx presentation recently, which was inspired by Morgan Spurlock’s TV series, 30 Days.

The idea is to try something new for thirty days. While the concept is pretty simple, the real challenge is finding things that you will try that may be past your comfort level.

On August 1st I will begin my own 30* Days challenges. I think of them as lost New Year’s resolutions.


Inspired by my friend Web Webster, I’m going to begin to run each day using the Couch to 5k (C25K) iPhone app.

Reading (and not reading)

I’m going to hit the Mark All As A Read button in my Google Reader and not open it again until September. Instead I will only read books. For the Ebooks that I read, I will switch my iPad to Airplane Mode, so that I’m not distracted.

Eating Better

After watching an interview with filmmaker, Lee Fulkerson speaking about his film Forks Over Knives, I’m going to go vegan for 30 days. This means that I’ll likely be driving my friend, Kate O’Neill, crazy with questions. I’m hearing good things about The Engine 2 Diet book.

Finally, I’m going to stop drinking for 30 days too. No beer or wine for me. If you have money invested in Guinness, you may want to reconsider.

Running, reading and eating better for 30 days. What are you doing this August? Leave me a comment if you’re inspired to try something new for 30 days too. I’d love to hear about it.


* Yes, August has 31 days. Yes, I’ll probably go that extra day too. 

UPDATE: I blogged this experience on my Phat Dave Tumblr blog. You won’t believe the results!