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Doing it differently makes it memorable

My friend, C.C. Chapman, was recuperating from a sudden operation recently.

I thought to send him get well flowers, but flowers didn’t seem to fit. As I was on Twitter I noticed he tweeted¬†excitedly¬†about the Photojojo USB Film Roll.

As soon as I saw his tweet about the unique USB thumb drive, I quickly bought one and sent it to his home – much better than flowers. There was just one problem, in my speedy efficiency I had sent it to the wrong address!

I immediately reached out to Photojojo’s customer service to let them know about my destination error. Here’s the email I received minutes later…

Hiya Dave!

Fear Not! We sent our robots racing after that mail truck. They caught up after just a few blocks and, though out of breath, managed to convince the truck to let them have your box-o-awesome. I’m pretty sure they had to promise to host the next Post Office Car Wash but they would have agreed to almost anything, they wanted to make sure we could get your photo goodies to ya!!

They slapped a fresh shipping label on your package, placed it ever so tenderly back in it’s mail crate and shared a pint of WD-40 for a job well done. Your order should be heading to Milford (yay!) and our robots are off to Target to get some truck washing supplies. :-]

Silly Putty Enthusiast and
Photojojo Customer Support

This is what customer service is all about! A sense of humor goes a long way, doesn’t it? Have you had any fun interactions with companies lately?


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