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Outstanding customer service on Facebook

Heather and I decided to do a last minute getaway weekend. We had been to the Marriott Shoals, in Florence, Alabama, a few of times before. It’s a lovely property, with a great restaurant and outdoor pool, not too far from Nashville.

Our last minute getaway also happens to be our 10th year wedding anniversary. With more vacation days a year and better planning, we could have gone somewhere more exotic, but a weekend relaxing by a pool without kids was just fine in our books.

Unfortunately, we left booking the hotel until a week before and it was fully booked for the weekend. We checked online, through several hotel booking sites, we called several times, but we got the same answer every time.  no vacancies.

Taking it to Facebook

As a last resort, I decided to post a message on the hotel’s Facebook page. It was one final desperate attempt. The outcome is preserved in a lovely screen shot just for you!

Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa on Facebook

I love it when a plan comes together!

Have you had any great Facebook customer service experiences? Do you think excellent service will scale as more people turn to brands on Facebook pages?


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