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Does your neighborhood have a Facebook page?

Photo from Flickr by me! If you’re in a B2C business, you really need a Facebook page.

Not every small business has the time to dedicate to building a community on Facebook, I can understand this. However, I would always argue that it would be in your best interest to find the time.

I reached out to friends on Twitter the other day to help me find a new barber shop. Thanks to everyone who answered, especially Jim Reams and Leanna Pelham who chose the perfect place.

When I did a quick search for Joe’s in Edgehill Village, I found a Facebook page dedicated not only to Joe’s, but to all of the neighborhood businesses. What a great idea!

A neighborhood Facebook page is brilliant!

The page pulls content from each of the local businesses feeds. It also has Liked each of the businesses Facebook pages. There’s a section dedicated to photos, reviews and Twitter tweets from Edgehill Village too.

The Edgehill Village Facebook page could use some updating here and there, but overall I think it’s a great approach to take advantage of Facebook’s user base and it’s hyper-local targeting, while promoting the neighborhood businesses.

As for Joe’s, I’ll be sure to return. It was so refreshing to have an old school barber chop the top again. Joe was awesome, I think he did a fine job on the old Delaney tête too.

Does your neighborhood have it’s own Facebook page?


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