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Does your city have a technology ambassador?

I love Nashville

One main objective that Marcus Whitney and I had when we co-founded the first BarCamp and PodCamp Nashville was putting Nashville on the Digital Map.

The Digital Map is a figurative term for a map depicting the country’s leading technology hubs.

The point was to show the world how amazing the technology community is here (and it is!). We knew that the more content people created around these events, the better Nashville would be in the eyes of entrepreneurs, investors and would-be employees looking for a place to begin or continue their careers. Never mind the valley, here’s Nashville!

Nashville needs a brand ambassador

By now you are probably aware of the position of a brand ambassador, brand advocate or brand evangelist – they are virtually the same thing. This is the person responsible for getting the word out and representing the great stuff their brand has to offer.

Our city needs someone on the ground at the many important technology events. We need a hyper-local-Scobleizer. Someone who is fully equipped with a camera and tons of Nashville-centric swag. We need a foot soldier who’s not afraid of talking to everyone at BlogWorld Expo, TiE50, SXSW Interactive, CES, etc. They need to inform the masses about the tech movement here.

Why a Nashville ambassador?

As folks recognize Nashville’s thriving technology community and they take notice of our low crime rate, awesome music scene and inexpensive cost of living, they will choose to relocate here. They are already taking notice, even the brainiacs are starting to catch on.

Nashville is already home to three of the fastest growing companies in the US. The Nashville Technology Council (NTC) recently wrote about 1,065 IT jobs to fill here. That’s unfilled jobs!

Between the NTC and Nashville Chamber of Commerce, a Nashville ambassador would be the perfect weapon in spreading the news that technology is alive, well and growing in Music City.

It’s like this…

More investors and entrepreneurs equals more businesses. More businesses means more jobs. More jobs means a better local economy. A better local economy results in more talented people moving to Nashville. All in all it’s a big, fat, WIN!

Do other cities have a technology ambassador? What do you think about this idea?

Photo from Flickr by: Jude Adam



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