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Dream it, then do it!

RocketBike photo from TimPickens.comLast April, I had the great pleasure of attending TEDxNashville. “Dream it, then do it! What are you waiting for?“, was the name of Tim Pickens‘ inspiring presentation.

Check out his site‘s description…

I work on rocket and space technology for a living in Huntsville, Alabama. Part of my day job as commercial space advisor and chief propulsion engineer at Dynetics is being team leader of the Rocket City Space Pioneers. How cool is that? After hours and on weekends I’m usually in the Man Cave inventing and building things just for fun and the challenge. That’s what Tim Pickens dot com is about. A place to show old projects and tell about the new ones. Watch out for rocket bikes, rocket trucks, jet scooters, aqua jet belts, regular rocket belts and maybe a flying saucer.

Tim’s presentation left me inspired to do something, to try something new. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race these days, that we forget about challenging ourselves.

Pickens’ philosophy is “You must dream to succeed, and not having a big budget is no excuse for doing nothing.”

Watch this and tell me you’re not inspired to try something new. What are you going to try?


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