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RIP Derek K. Miller

Derek K. Miller photo by Kris KrugDerek K. Miller has passed away today. My friend, Derek, blogged extensively about his experiences with being diagnosed, treated and ultimately passing away from colorectal cancer.

Airdrie, his wonderful wife, posted Derek’s last blog post today (cached version). I suggest you take a moment to read it.

Derek was a gifted musician, who believed in sharing his art with anyone who chose to use it. He was a talented podcaster, who had one of the longest running podcasts, Inside Home Recording.

He was also an incredibly friendly, smart and fun guy. Each year I looked forward to attending Gnomedex, so that I could share a drink with him to catch up. The video below was from 2007, when Derek spoke live, streaming from his bed in Vancouver. Please watch it.


Stop what you are doing and truly reflect on your life. Are you giving your family and friends the adequate attention and love that they deserve?

Are you giving yourself the attention and love that YOU deserve? What I mean is, are you leading a healthy life? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you eating right?

Please don’t misunderstand this post. Derek could not prevent the cancer that killed him, but his passing has made me truly question my time here. Life is short, Derek’s was too short.

Do something to be sure your life lasts as long as possible, do it for you and for your family.

Rest in peace, Derek. My thoughts go to the Millers and to Derek’s many friends.


Photo from Flickr by: Kris Krug

UPDATE: Naturally, Derek’s site is getting hammered with visits today from so many of his friends. It will be stable again soon, so be patient when visiting it, but please don’t forget to. You can read his last post cached here.

UPDATE: CBC interview with Derek that aired today.


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