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I’m excited for my #blogreview

Last week I came across a tweet from my friend, Julien Smith.
[blackbirdpie url=”!/julien/statuses/58906287701897216″]

What a smart and simple idea! Each day @julien selects a blog to review and shares a link to it via Twitter. The only rule is that in order to have your blog reviewed, you must review other people’s blogs too.

By using the hashtag #blogreview, we are able to track the reviews. So far there have been two reviews, mine today makes three. The idea seems to be taking off according to tweetreach numbers, the hashtag has already reached 60,678 people via just 50 tweets!

I hope @gitmohair from The Mohair Diaries and @garydickenson from take the great advice they received, I know I will. I truly appreciate your feedback and recommendations.

If this is your for time to my blog, welcome! It’s so nice to have you here. You can subscribe to future posts by RSS or email. Cheers.

UPDATE: After the Review

Thank you to everyone who participated and to Julien Smith for selecting my blog to be reviewed. I especially want to thank Chuck Williams and Ricardo Bueno for leaving comments on the blog post. Huge thanks also to Frédéric de Villamil and Bryan Cromlish who took the time to email me their feedback.

What feedback did I get? What’s on my to do list for this blog? Here’s what you suggested:

  • punchier colors
  • definition between sidebar and content
  • more details about newsletter sign up – why?
  • header slogan
  • background color
  • larger fonts
  • replace tweetmeme with twitter button
  • add Facebook share button
  • content area seems skinny
  • hospital gown blue
  • more thought-leader type posts / speak with more authority
  • why email address with contact page?
  • check load time
  • less plug-ins equals faster load times.
  • use thesis template
  • never miss a blog post – add RSS and RSS email subscription
  • redesign newsletter sign up, make it consistent. not rounded edges
  • add favicon
  • flip profile photo
  • category and tag links
  • make the blog more clear as to what it’s about
  • about section should be first person
  • use blog excerpts or a couple of more on front page
  • reorder sidebar items
  • make homeless run icon transparent
  • make header logo link to home page and remove home page navigation tab
  • move RT button to the right
  • move search bar to right of the header logo
  • Never miss a blog post… under newsletter sign up
  • underline links in blue, make them react on rollover
  • people hate drop downs
  • remove archive drop down
  • add category list
  • use consistent fonts across the site
  • “reactions” under comments sounds strange
  • sharing buttons should stand out more
  • keep sidebar on contact and other pages
  • move retweet button

I can’t promise I’ll act on all of these suggestions, but if you notice some changes around here, it’s likely because of the fine folks from #blogreview. Thanks again everyone, merci beaucoup!


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