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A QR code for the men’s room

One of the things that came out of PodCamp Nashville was a conversation about QR codes, which stemmed from Dave Barger‘s awesome presentation on the topic.

A discussion took place about how advertisers are increasingly using QR codes in bathroom advertising. You’ll likely find these ads posted above urinals in the men’s room. I expect they are in the women’s too, but, well you know.

Taking photos at the urinal is wrong

This is when I came up with the idea for this QR code that you can print out and tape inside your local public restroom. Or you can buy a sticker and place it where it can easily be removed by the bar owner once the gag gets old.

Let’s do our part by posting this QR code in restrooms, so that it will serve as a reminder to smartphone savvy dudes, that snapping photos in public bathrooms isn’t cool. Print it here.

Dave's QR Code for bathrooms


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