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You’ll regret it if you miss it

PodCamp Nashville 2011I’ve said it for the last three years, that this year PodCamp Nashville will be better than ever! I’m saying it again this year – year 4.

If you have never been before, you should make this your first year. PodCamp is a day-long party, celebrating all that is online media. Expect to meet plenty of podcasters, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, photographers, videographers, and perhaps your next employer, employee, business partner or customer. Heck, you’ll probably leave with some new friends too!

Expect to find hundreds of people gathered together in a massive bar for a day of scheduled and unscheduled presentations. You’ll learn a lot and you can share your wisdom by creating your own presentation right then and there.

Trust me. You do not want to miss PodCamp Nashville!

What you need to do…

  • Register for free to attend.
  • Consider sponsoring this important annual event. PodCamp Nashville is getting lots of notice, why wouldn’t you want to associate your brand with PCN?
  • Take the time during PCN to thank the volunteers, sponsors and organizers. Nobody get’s paid for the countless hours of work they do to bring PCN to you. The least you can do is to buy them a beer(s).
  • Like the Facebook page. Show PCN some love, won’t you?
  • Blog, podcast, take photos and videos. Tag everything PCN11 and “podcamp nashville” and share it with the world! Do this NOW and do it after.
  • Photo from Flickr by: Wonderdawg777


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