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Jumping into Jumpstart Foundry

Photo from Flickr by: loudestnoiseSince moving to Nashville I’ve been involved in many technology related events that have helped to put Nashville on the digital map. I realize that’s a bold statement and I’m not writing this to blow my own horn, I’m writing it to tell you what I’m working on to further this.

The idea of BarCamp, PodCamp, Geek Breakfast and Nashcocktail is to connect us. By connecting at these events or at others, we are showing the world how awesome Nashville is. Businesses and friendships are born at networking events. People are taking notice that Nashville is rocking.

Everything we do here that is promoted and talked about online is spread across the web, it’s exciting to see. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and growing in Nashville. It’s one amazing place to be!

Jumpstart Foundry

Recently my friends invited me to attend an event at the Nashville Entrepreneurial Center, which is a success story in it’s own right. It was there that I got to learn more about Jumpstart Foundry.

Jumpstart Foundry is a mentorship-based, seed stage investment program. They are investing their time, energy, money and network in six start ups, creating innovative products in Healthcare, Social and Data Services for 14 weeks this summer. The goal is to help founders become the best entrepreneurs they can be, and to launch successful companies that are truly worthy of financing. Jumpstart Foundry is also part of the TechStars Network.

I have several friends on the board of Jumpstart Foundry, who helped me to make the decision to join the group (yes, I’m still working full time at Griffin) to help promote their services to Nashville start ups and entrepreneurs who wish to launch new businesses. I’ve been hired to help with their blog, Facebook page, Twitter account and to do strategy and outreach to help get the word out.

You really should check out Jumpstart Foundry and APPLY to their program, please tell your friends too. I know applications are closing soon, so if you’re looking to start something amazing don’t waste any time.

I want to thank my friend, Marcus Whitney, for pointing me to Jumpstart Foundry and introducing me to Vic Gatto. I’m really excited about what is coming from this. I know that new businesses in Nashville will grow and strengthen our community, bring more jobs to the city and further tell the world how incredible Nashville is. Never mind the valley here’s Nashville!


I started the Jumpstart podcast, which features short interviews with incredible entrepreneurs. You’ll recognize many favorite successful people from Nashville to¬†internationally¬†famous folks like Seth Godin. I hope you enjoy it.



Photo from Flickr by: loudestnoise


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