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I’m in Room 404 with @ewan!

Ewan SpenceIf you know me, you’ll know I love a good podcast. In fact, at last check I’m subscribed to 128 of them.

Being a veteran podcaster, I’m always eager to participate in shows. It’s difficult for me to ever turn down a podcaster, especially when he is never seen without a kilt.

The always wonderful, Scottish podcasting sensation, Ewan Spence has started a new show called Room 404. When he invited me on as a guest, I was in there like cod in the fryer!

Room 404 is a wonderful room, full of gadgets, websites, technologies, games, films, TV series, and more. It’s just that the world has forgotten about them. But not the geeks. So this is their chance to talk to the webmaster of Room 404 to bring back what once was lost into the public eye.

As Ewan promised, Room 404 is erratic, irreverent, nerdy, but most of all… fun. I loved being a guest on his new show. Check it out here.

Subscribe to Room 404 in iTunes now.


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