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End March in Nashville

The planning for the fourth PodCamp Nashville began a few weeks ago. There is a great group of folks who are going to make PCN11 the best one yet!

Hook The Presentation Conference

A couple of months before we started discussing early plans for PCN11, I was invited to speak at Hook the Presentation Conference. How could I pass up such an amazing opportunity?

Hook is a presentation conference which is going to be incredible. I’m especially excited because it’s being organized by my friend, Scott Schwertly from Ethos3.

My excitement continues because Scott and his team are bringing world class speakers (and friends) like C.C. Chapman, Scott Stratten and Gary Vaynerchuk to Nashville.

Hook is important because it signals to the world how awesome Nashville is. Every big event held here helps to strengthen the Nashville brand, which is a huge win for anyone who lives in this great city.

The date for Hook is March 25 & 26 and tickets are about $600. I’ll be giving away a ticket to a lucky person subscribed to my email newsletter soon.

PodCamp NashvilleMeanwhile at PodCamp…

PodCamp Nashville planning continued and when March 26 was suggested, I replied that that was the one date that I couldn’t make it.

I co-founded PCN four years ago, I was a surrogate father. I’ve never missed one, and I never thought I would. PodCamp is for the community by the community. The group voted and the date was set, March 26.

Missing PodCamp Nashville

And so, for the first time ever, I can’t attend the event that I helped launch. I’ll admit that it hurts, but I understand how things go. C’est la vie.

I have no doubt that PodCamp will rock as always. There’s a great team leading it this year, so you’re in for a treat if you attend. I truly wish I could be there too.

If you’re able to attend Hook, you’ll be in for an incredible experience. I know that it will be a top notch event! Be sure to come say hello, as I will be there for both days.

Visit PodCamp Nashville to learn about how you can register.
Visit Hook the Presentation Conference to learn more and to register.

As I mentioned, I’ll be giving away one ticket worth $595 to one lucky subscriber of my email newsletter. I’ll email you with details soon, be sure you’re subscribed.

One thing for sure, you’re nuts not to be in Nashville at the end of March!


Hook has been canceled. It’s too bad to see such an impressive event called off, but we still have PodCamp. If you were planning to come to Nashville for Hook, don’t cancel your ticket! You’ll still be blown away by PodCamp.


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