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Innovation Group Nashville

Innovation Group NashvilleI had a fun time last night at John Pisciotta, Jack Porter and Katy Kirby‘s new monthly event, Innovation Group Nashville.

Each month they plan to have a monthly fireside chat, gathering Nashville’s thought leaders in technology, entertainment and new media content. They are off to a great start!

The first guest was Joe Kustelski from Rockhouse Partners. Joe’s wealth of entrepreneurial experience left the room in awe. You can tell from his energy, that he’s truly passionate about his work and Nashville’s technology community.

Joe and I were on a panel about Nashville’s technololgy community at BarCamp Nashville a couple of years ago. It was that panel where the Nashville Technology Calendar was conceived.

The discussion was mainly about event marketing, nashville startups, entrepreneurial DNA and the future of innovation in the entertainment space. All told, it was a really interesting chat.

The session was recorded, so I expect a podcast will be made available in the future. I hope so. You should join the Innovation Group Nashville on Facebook to be alerted of upcoming events from the group.

I’m looking forward to catching up with Joe in person over a pivo in the near future, it turns out we both lived in Prague once.


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