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You should join #blogchat

#blogchatEvery Sunday at 8 PM Central, folks gather on Twitter to chat about a whole gamut of blogging related topics. You should join us!

The one and only Mack Collier launched #blogchat. Mack explains on his blog…

The first #blogchat was in March of 2009. One Sunday nite I wanted to ask my Twitter followers a question about blogging. I knew I would get a ton of great replies, and I was worried that some other people that I wasn’t following would reply to those replies, and I’d miss them. So I decided to ask my question, but I added the #blogchat hashtag to my original tweet. That way, the people that replied would be more likely to add the same #blogchat hashtag to their replies, and then I could more easily find them!

The first #blogchat went on for a couple of hours, and was an instant hit! Everyone wanted to make it a weekly affair, so I decided to have a #blogchat every Sunday nite, at the same time! The chat is now one of the most popular on Twitter, and each week we have a couple hundred active participants, and well over 1,000 tweets!

If you’re new to Twitter or new to blogging, you definitely should check out #blogchat. The easiest way to do so is to connect to the discussion using By using tweetchat you’ll be placed in a “room” that tracks only the #blogchat hashtag.

Are you asking yourself, what is a hashtag? Your answer is here.

Check out this video for a taste of #blogchat. Then be sure to join us next time.


Don’t forget to follow @mackcollier on Twitter. He’s a very smart guy in social media, one you should be paying attention to!


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