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Blissdom: Always Be Connecting


I had such a wonderful couple of days last week attending Blissdom. Blissdom is a conference dedicated to women bloggers, with a wide array of topics that appeal to female social media professionals and hobbyists.

I know what you’re thinking, “BUT DAVE, YOU’RE A MAN!”

The truth is that much of the content of Blissdom is universal to anyone who blogs or manages content online. However, it was clear that the conference was by and for women. I should note that I was invited to Blissdom, but it’s how I got invited that’s so interesting.

Some back story

@thinkmayaI got really excited when I got a tweet on Twitter that my friend Maya who was attending Blissdom. I hadn’t seen her since Chris Pirillo‘s Gnomedex conference in Seattle last year (the last one, sniff).

While Maya and I were catching up in person, we made the sudden discovery that it was because of HER that I was there!

During CES this year, I ran into my good buddy, C.C. Chapman. C.C. was walking the show floor with Alli Worthington, who is one of the organizers of Blissdom. Alli also lives in Nashville.

C.C. was shocked that we had never met, seeing as we are both so involved in social media and that we live in the same city. When they departed, C.C. told Alli that we really need to connect. Those who know C.C. know that he truly is a connector!

@alliworthingtonAfter the dust settled from CES, Alli DM’d me on Twitter inviting me to attend Blissdom. I must admit that I was slightly concerned with my being a guy at a conference for gals, but I tend to get along well with women (one even married me!). I was even more relieved when I saw that my friend, Scott Stratten (also a Toronto native), was keynoting.

A small world

During my chat with Maya, she explained that she had introduced Alli to C.C. during SXSW last year! Are you following this?

  • Maya and I met at Gnomedex
  • Maya introduced Alli to C.C. during SXSW
  • C.C. introduced Alli to me at CES
  • Alli invited me to Blissdom, and I’m so glad she did
  • The moral of the story

    The moral of the story is a simple one. Always be connecting. By connecting people you are broadening their circle of friends and their opportunities.

    Be sure to attend as many events as you can, that’s where the handshakes, high-fives and hugs solidify your online relationships.

    Thank you to everyone who made my experience at Blissdom so amazing. The folks above helped to make this happen, but it was the amazing women I met who made it truly an unforgettable experience.


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