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Always ask for the supervisor

Photo from Flickr by: lamont_cranstonLast Thursday evening we decided to buy some tickets to go see the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus (a great show by the way) the following night.

We went through the regular steps of purchasing the tickets online, but during the check-out process received the site’s spinning wheel of death. In other words, the site stopped functioning.

We checked our credit card and nothing had been charged, so we went ahead and made the order again. Only to find later that we had been charged the first time. Yikes. I called customer service, but their offices were closed.

I called first thing the following morning and was told that they could not refund the tickets, because it was less than 24-hours before the show. I explained what had happened, but the customer service representative was making no exceptions to the rule.

I asked to speak to the supervisor

I was placed on hold for about five minutes waiting for the supervisor. This is the point that I imagine they had hoped I would hang up. I waited patiently on the line. I wonder what the caller abandonment rate is during this time.

The same customer service rep returned to the call to say that she had spoken to her manager, and that they would fully refund my credit card for the tickets.

Moral of the story. Always ask for a supervisor.

Photo from Flickr by: lamont_cranston


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