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I’m undecided about Quora at this point. Chris Brogan describes it as a site where you browse around for questions you think you can answer, and/or you view interesting answers.

I have always found services like Yahoo! Answers handy, because the answers are voted upon by the users. So naturally, the best answers rise to the top. Same applies to LinkedIn Answers, more so because the knowledge of the people providing the answers tends to be much higher. So, you get better answers.

Quora is proving to be a very popular site, with over 200,000 unique visits in November alone. It has already become a great resource for information on a wide array of topics.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, because Facebook clearly want to own questions and answers since they launched Facebook Questions. Google purchased Ardvark (a similar site), it is fitting that they want to own this too. However, it’s not working in Google’s favor at the moment.

Have you tried Quora? What do you think?

Photo from Flickr by: Laughing Squid


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