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Twitter hacked?

There’s a whole lot of Twitter phishing occurring¬†today. Have you been tempted with the “looking for iPhone testers” and the “I was just given a free iPhone and iPad!” direct messages (DMs)? Don’t be fooled.

Don’t fall for these “get twitter followers” scams either. To get Twitter followers, be honest, have fun and provide content people will be interested in. Follow cool people and they will follow you back.

Today I¬†have received apologies from several folks for sending me DMs, with the excuse that their accounts had been hacked. The thing is we’ve probably given permission to the “hackers”.

How to stop Twitter phishing scams

When was the last time you went into your Twitter settings to see who has access to your account? We do this every time we use a third party service or login to a site using Twitter OAuth.

From your Twitter account choose Settings and Connections. Then look at the list of services you’ve given permission to read and write to your Twitter account. The size of the list may shock you.

Check your Twitter Connections

Now go through the list and choose Revoke Access to each service you no longer use. You can always connect it again should you choose to. You should review this list at least once a month.

By doing this you’re helping to keep the Twitter community free of phishing schemes and scams like we’ve been seeing lately. Think of it as not forwarding those spam messages you get from your loved ones, and using BCC instead of CC when composing those group emails to help combat spam.

Happy tweeting!


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