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A head slapping moment

Photo from WikipediaToday I had one of those heading slapping moments, where I had to sit back in silence and be thankful for how far we have come.

The photo to the right is of videotelephony, as imagined in 1910. All through my life the concept of casually chatting on the phone with video seemed unrealistic.

Sure, we’ve been chatting with webcams and via services like Skype for many years now, but today it was different for me. At least I took a moment to stop to think about it.

Mike's chickens

Meeting Mike’s Chickens

My brother finally bought an iPhone 4 (his first smartphone). Together, via the Skype app, we were able to video chat across each other’s phones. Mike even took me on a tour of his apartment in Bern, Switzerland, where I got to meet his chickens.

I know this isn’t news to you (apart from the news that my brother has a chicken coop at his apartment), but it made me stop to think.

With technology moving as quickly as it is, will I stop to write a similar post about my jetpack? Or will I be able to spare the time to?

I mean really, we can actually do video calls on our phones now! I guess it’s worth slowing down sometimes, so we can reflect on exactly how far we’ve come.

Have you had a head slapping moment recently?


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