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Foursquare listens

Missing oauth_token parameter. Foursquare error.

Quality customer service can keep customers hooked. I’ve always been a stickler for it, and I love to share stories of great customer service.

Last week I ran into an issue with an updated version of Foursquare on my iPhone. When I tried to check-in to my local sub shop, I got an error message (right).

As a long time fan of Foursquare, I decided to take a screenshot and tweet the image to Twitpic. I did this to see if others were having the same problem.

It turned out that other folks were having the problem too, but one reply pleasantly surprised me.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/4sqsupport/statuses/18046270429995009″]

Thank you @4sqsupport for listening to your users.

I’ve written before about how I have been feeling tired of checking in. This type of customer service certainly rejuvenates my interest and excitement over location based services, especially Foursquare (of course).


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