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CreatorCamp Nashville?

CreatorCampBack in September, Bob Goyetche, wrote a blog post about how the usual unconferences (like PodCamp and BarCamp) had shifted so heavily towards social media marketing, rather than about creating content.

Bob’s a smart guy and a good friend. His post and tweets inspired a larger conversation about how CreatorCamp could be born. Well, it’s been born and it sounds amazing to me. I should add that this in no means should replace PodCamp or BarCamp, rather it should be it’s own new addition to the camp-style unconferences.

What is CreatorCamp?

CreatorCamp is about discussing the creation part of creative pursuits whether media (audio and video), fabric arts, cooking, woodworking, photography, sculpture, painting, poetry, stories, books, etc… We think you get the idea. The hope is that each creative pursuit can learn from the approach used by others for completely unrelated creative pursuits (e.g. a quilter might learn new storytelling ideas from a cartoonist).

We have one organizing principle… sessions MUST be about creating something (and by CREATING, we don’t mean revenue, audience, market share, connections, Twitter-followers).

– CreatorCamp Wiki.

Listen to the latest episode of the Canadian Podcast Buffet for an inspiring recap of how CreatorCamp went down. Take some time to do this if you’re interested in how we may be able to do something similar in Nashville. Listen now.

The episode includes: Bob Goyetche, Mark BlevisAndrea RossJulien Smith and CC Chapman as they chow down on popcorn, wine and tea over a discussion about the first ever CreatorCamp just minutes after it ended.

CreatorCamp Nashville

I’m in the process of requesting permission to add a CreatorCamp Nashville to the wiki, just in case we are interested in doing one here.

I can’t do this alone. Are you interested in helping this small-sized, big-idea event? Please let me know.


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