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Coffee is for closers

Photo from Flickr by: stevegarfieldLike many of my blogging brothers and sisters, I’m hooked on coffee. The trouble with coffee is that it’s a procrastination method, at least it is for me.

I tell myself that I will do the next task as soon as I get a cup of coffee. Rather, I should be rewarding myself with a cup when I’m done.

Coffee is for closers.

I’m writing this post early in the morning. This is when I would typically be making our first pot of the day. I would wait for it to brew and send a few tweets or check my feeds. Not today.

Today I must write a post before I get brewing. If I don’t have a worthy blog post ready to share with you, then no coffee for me.

I understand that you can’t write the perfect post everyday, but you should try to. Don’t let coffee be a procrastination tool.

Coffee is for closers.

Photo from Flickr by: Steve Garfield


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