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The Key Alliance

My friend, Gavin Richardson, reached out to me yesterday to ask if I can share news about The Key Alliance event in Nashville tomorrow. The Key Alliance is an organization fighting to end homelessness in the Nashville area. It’s cold and people need homes.

Wednesday is a day where they are pulling together some 500 plus volunteers from all kinds of vocations; cosmetic, veterinary, financial services, and more to meet up with & help those who are homeless (or very close to being) for one day to receive said services. Here’s how to help.

I’ll be watching Gavin as he tweets on location. You can follow him @PHCNashville. Miracles can happen on Twitter.


Please learn more about The Key Alliance and ways you can help.

I also suggest you follow Mark Horvath on Twitter who is doing great things with the Invisible People movement.

Together we can all make a difference.


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