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Make somebody laugh today

Leslie Nielsen died yesterday. He was 84 and being treated for pneumonia. He lived an incredible life, bringing millions upon millions of laughs across the globe. Not a bad way to be remembered, eh?


Life is too short to be taken seriously all of the time. It’s important to goof off for a laugh. Nielsen didn’t just goof off in films, he even did it in interviews.

As a kid, I clearly remember watching Airplane! with my brother, dad and his friends. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t understand many of the jokes, but I laughed along as the grown ups busted their guts.

Years later I saw Airplane! again and understood everything. Leslie Nielsen’s jokes in the film became a part of our culture. Just yesterday I tweeted Surely you can’t be serious and I quickly received multiple replies with I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

Leslie NielsenIt was characters like Nielsen’s dead pan doctor in Airplane! and Frank Drebin, the gritty cop from Police Squad and The Naked Gun series who helped keep comedy alive and well in film and television. Nielsen also helped to inspire me to be as silly as possible, as often as possible.

In honor of Leslie Nielsen you should make someone laugh today. Actually, you should try to do this every day. Like I said, life is too short.


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