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Photo from Flickr by: chrisdejabetA moment to give thanks.

  • to my family who put up with my working into the wee hours and spending time away to attend and help organize events. Love you guys!
  • to those of you who attend my little events around Nashville like Geek Breakfast and Nashcocktail. Without you they wouldn’t be much fun. Thanks for coming and for continuing to come.
  • to you my blog reader and especially those who leave comments. I don’t look at the analytics often here, but I know you’ve been here when I see your comments. I truly appreciate them and for you taking the time to read and share my blog posts with your friends and colleagues. Thanks.
  • to you if you’ve signed up for my email newsletter. Many of you have and that really excites me. I plan to have the first one our before the end of the year. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers.
  • to all innovative designers and developers who make the Web such an amazing place to be. Without slick user interfaces and poetic code users simply wouldn’t remain. The web would be a bit of a ghost town. Keep up the great work!
  • to my Twitter followers, not the spambots or people trying to sell me things, but to those who take the time to reply to me. I’ve often compared Twitter to a cocktail party, it’s always a fun place to meet lots of great people and to see old friends. Thanks for the follow and the messages.
  • to my friends who have liked my page on Facebook. I know I need to spend more time there, it’s something I plan to do soon.
  • to my less wired, less geeky friends. You put the RL in I Really Like you too.
  • Overall, I really want to thank you. You put the social in my social media. Without you there wouldn’t be much point to everything I do, so thanks.

    Have a great and happy Thanksgiving. If you’re reading this from the Great White North or elsewhere, you know I’m thankful of you too!

    Photo from Flickr by: chrisdejabet


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