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How to download your Flickr group photos

I must preface this first with the fact that I still love and use Flickr all of the time. I always share my photos there too, because I’m much more confident in Yahoo! securing my photos than any number of the free services we tend use. I love TwitPic to share photos too, but I rely on Flickr to store them as well as to share them.

I’ve been working on transitioning the Nashville Geek Breakfast Facebook Group to a Community Page instead. I wanted a way to grab the photos from my group on Flickr, so I could upload them all to the new GB page. Facebook is a great place to share your photos too. It’s actually now more popular than Flickr.

How to download your Flickr group photos

I recommend doing this from time to time, so you can backup your Group photos elsewhere too. Never depend on one place to store anything digital.

Photo GrabbrHead over to Malarkey Software (great name!) to download their free Photo Grabbr software (Mac OS X 10.4 or better).

Once installed you’ll need your Flickr group ID number.

Visit and enter your Flickr group’s URL. For example:
Copy the full number that idgettr spits out.

In Photo Grabbr, choose Look Up Group ID and paste in your Flickr group ID. Hit Search and you’ll get a message at the bottom left corner. Hopefully it’s a good one, then click Download All Photos.

It’s worth chipping in a few bucks to thank the Mr. Malarkey for such a cool piece of software. Cheers.

Paul Nicholson raised a good point about use, credit and ownership of photos that you may download from a Group. Please read his comment.


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