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Why you shouldn’t change your Twitter avatar

Wednesday night I was pleasantly surprised that my Twitter profile appeared in Jennifer Van Grove’s Mashable story, Twitter Calculates Reputation Scores for Each User. It made my night actually.

I instantly heard from my friends who turn to Mashable for their social media news. In fact, I’m still hearing from them today. Pretty impressive considering my name isn’t even mentioned in the story.

Don’t go changing a thing

I’ve advocated that people not change their Twitter profile pictures for years now. I snapped my silly, blue half-head photo on my MacBook back in February 2007, specifically to use as my Twitter photo.

It was back when you only had a public timeline on Twitter, before you could create lists or use applications like Tweetdeck or Seesmic. The avatars are the first thing you see in the timeline, so when someone would change their picture, I would often miss their tweets.

As I set up new profiles on emerging social networking sites, I stuck with the same image. Using my marketing mind, I figured I’d be better off using a consistant avatar than switching it up. It’s worked for Coke, McDonalds and Starbucks, right? Why be a Gap? Too soon?

Consistency is key

What’s funny about my recognition from the Mashable post, is that I’ve been editorially quoted in Mashable several times recently. I’ve had little response from my peers about the quotes, compared to the countless, wonderful tweets and comments I got last night and today.

You can easily miss a quote in an article, but it’s hard to miss a friend’s face (albeit, half of one) when it’s right slap dab in the top of the story.

How about you? Do you change your social media mugshots ever? What do you think about changing them?


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