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Kik kicks ass!

Kik kicks ass!I stumbled upon Kik Messenger today, a chat application for smartphones that is faster and more social than standard text messages.

The free app took just moments to download from the app store. Within a few minutes I received a lovely message from my friend, Saul Colt.

The speed of the messaging is really impressive, not to mention it’s FREE! Why pay SMS charges, when you can chat via Kik? The app tells you when a message has been sent, delivered, read, and even when someone is typing back, turning regular texting into real-time conversations. It’s awesome.

Streaming music and video too?

From an article by Matt Marshall in Venture Beat, Kik Messenger sees explosive start — a mobile chat better than SMS?

If it can build its community, Kik has a lot of new territory to cover if it wants to. It can layer on functionality as it sees fit. For example, it can let you take pictures, and show friends what you’re seeing. It can then let you stream the music you’re listening to, directly from your phone over your friend’s phone. The same can be done for video. And it can be done over any device. While none of this is available right now with the app, Livingston demonstrated this advanced streaming technology to me, so it’s clear he can turn it on at pretty much any time.

I know they are currently experiencing some growing pains, so if you have trouble, be patient. Who knew that one million users in 15 days could be problematic?


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