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Walking to school again

When I was a kid we used to walk to our grade school everyday, rain or shine, sleet or snow. I did the walk just about every school day for about five years or so.

That’s five years of walking past the same scary high schools, same convenience store, same homes, same trees, you get the idea.

I heard someone recently talk about virtually walking to school again using Google Street View. I gave it a try and was totally enthralled by the experience.

It brought back such vivid memories of hiding behind a wall and throwing snowballs at cars, of buying candy at the convenience store, stopping in at an old apartment building to pick up a friend, a near death from a falling tree during a storm.

It also brought back great memories of my brother Mike and friends, Carrie, Pat, Maria, Richard, Spence, and others who’s names are slipping my mind at the moment.

Google Street View - Walk to school

The virtual walk was strange, because many of the buildings have changed now. I had no idea (but wasn’t surprised) that a group of homes had been torn down to build condos. In fact, one of the high schools had become a condo too! Oh, Toronto, when will the condo fetish cease?

Still, the majority of buildings are where they were way back when. Even the old decrepit wall that we use to climb, so we could sneak under the fence of the high school’s football field, or to roll down in the snow is still there.

The whole experience of virtually walking to school again was an amazing one. It took a few minutes and many clicks to get there, but not nearly as long as it did by foot, and it was a heck of a lot warmer this time too.


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