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My post Halloween ramble

Photo from Flickr by: A.C. RileyHalloween is October 31st

In the three years that we’ve lived in Nashville, this was the first time that I noticed debate on which night kids were going to be trick-or-treating. I had heard some chatter about Sunday being a school night, but school nights never stopped us in the past, right?

Local news reported that some city officials in Tennessee (and elsewhere) had decided that kids should trick-or-treat on Saturday (October 30th), while another suggested parents take their kids out on Friday (October 29th). Our own city leaders decided not to lead, but rather suggest that parents decide for themselves. Way to lead guys!

Halloween is and always will be October 31st. There, I said it.


The other thing I heard about for the first time was trick-or-trunking. According to Wikipedia, trick-or-treating is done from parked car to parked car in a local parking lot, often at a church house.

I can only guess that people trick-or-trunk because they are too lazy to walk around their neighborhood with their children, or they are too paranoid or anti-social about meeting their neighbors.

Maybe someone can explain this to me, maybe I’m missing the point of trick or trunking. I think it sounds like a lame way for your kids to spend Halloween. Leave the trunks to tailgating.

Photo from Flickr by: A.C. Riley


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