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I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds, 165 to be exact. No, I don’t check them all everyday, but I do my best to read as much as I can.

The Reeder app on my iPhone is my morning paper, as is my browser when I get to the office. I use Google Reader as my feed catcher of choice. I love the way I can easily share interesting things with you and star them to return to later.

One thing I hardly ever use, which is silly of me, is the search engine in Google Reader.

Tonight I was working on some research for my panel at BarCamp Nashville this Saturday. I popped in a query and instantly had the perfect results I was seeking.

We subscribe to feeds of blogs and sites we are interested in for whatever reason. A part from some of the big media and custom search results that I subscribe too, every other feed is by someone I really respect. So, by searching their blogs first only makes sense.

Do you subscribe to my RSS feed?> Please do, if you enjoy what you find here. Thanks.


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