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How to find new music

I had a blast at Next BIG Nashville at the Eventbrite party on Friday evening. Griffin (my employer) was a sponsor, so we got to have lots of fun handing out some goodies and meeting lots of people.

The definite highlight was meeting Eventbrite‘s Tamara Mendelsohn, Tyler Petersen with Freya. All amazing people you should follow on Twitter. Eventbrite sounds like one heck of a great company to work for too.


I caught more live music and went to more music venues in one night than I had in six months (sad, I know).

Together we caught Tennis, Yaesayer and Glossary (pictured). It was so good to catch some live music again, plus see three bands I had never heard of.

Back in the day I would see multiple shows a week. I would find all sorts of new music to listen to. I’d also spend countless hours listening to albums at my friend’s places. That’s how I discovered new music.

How to discover new music on the web

These days I don’t get out as much, so I turn to the web to find the best new music. Here are a few tips on how I do it.

  • to search for an artist who I really like, then start the radio to see who is similar. I then “Love” new artist tracks that I like (or love) and return to them later to hear more.
  • I often check out friends on to see what they are listening to. The service also shows if they have similar taste to what I like. Are we friends there?
  • Pandora at home on my Roku (affiliate link). I create a station by choosing an artist similar to the above.
  • to see what songs my friends are blipping. You can select a single person and listen to their songs, thus making them become a DJ. I recommend checking out csuspect and MichaelKaiser. Just press play below a track and the rest will play in order. Of course you can check out my selection there too if you’re so inclined.
  • NPR’s All Songs Considered, CBC Radio 3 has a few amazing shows, and RadiOblivion are all favorite podcasts to discover new (and old) music.

How about you? How do you discover new music online?


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  • I peruse Amazon on Tuesday for new releases, [via @kateo], stumble around on Let us not forget WRVU – an oasis on the Nashville radio dial [save WRVU! –

  • Thanks Eric! These are all great suggestions. I’m checking them out now.

  • As far as discovering new music, I go with multiple sources. With the release of Ping, I can easily keep track of the music that my friends like or purchase (1). iTunes also has a indie spotlight that highlights a lot of bands that I’ve never heard of (2). When my favorite bands/artists come around town, they usually have a different opening act each time (3). I also watch my favorite artists’ twitter account. They’ll usually converse with their music friends and that can sometimes lead to new artists (4). Finally, I occasionally will make my way to a web site called They have a long list of artists to check out with page bios and sample songs. Not a bad place to go if other sources are a little dry.

    Honestly I don’t use traditional methods like Pandora but somehow there is never a shortage of music to download or check out. I’m sure if I start, I’ll have a lot longer list than I do now.

  • Great point J.P. Thanks for the tips!

  • I find new music through musicians.

    They’re on twitter (@solobasssteve, @warriorgrrl, @lobelia, @mattstevensloop, @matthewebel), and on the web (, and on podcasts (Three From Leith, at, or Nick Tann’s, and at social media conferences ( at PodCampPhilly, Mike OHara,, from PodCampUK and PodCampEurope), and just being guests at house concerts (

    All are independent, all are real people right there in front of you, all are wonderful, and each will lead you to many, many more like-minded and -gifted folks.

    I haven’t listened to radio/Pandora/anythingfromiTunes in ages. Everything I buy (and I buy a lot of it) comes directly from the artist. Get on over to and have fun!

  • That night was our highlight as well — we had a blast. I like for discovering new music online.

  • Thanks Linda. I’ve got a lot to check out. looks awesome too!

  • I’m quite impressed with Lots of great stuff so far.
    I wish everything synced with though. Thanks Tamara!

  • Oh wait. I’m wrong, you can scrobble your tracks to SWEET!

  • Great blog post, Dave. And thanks a ton for the mention… twice!

    Of the services you mentioned I use Pandora for discovering things I haven’t heard. Its great to create “stations” and see what Pandora thinks I’d like to hear based on my tastes. My understanding is that does the same type of thing, but I’ve never really looked into it. Another (better?) way to discover new music is to align yourself with a social community that is geared toward one’s interests. There is no way we can keep up with everything, so a specific community of like-minded folk is a great benefit. That is why may be near the top of the list for social music sites in my book :)

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Michael.
    Can you recommend any favorite DJs on

  • Tara Aaron

    If you want new music filtered by someone cool with a little less pretentiousness than All Songs Considered, you MUST check out The Weekly Feed on Kyle Meredith, the host of the show, has just been promoted to Music Director of this very cool radio station out of Louisville, KY, so he obviously knows what he’s talking about. Plus, he’s an awesome person and it feels a little more personal than Pandora and Blip. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those!)

    And how, how HOW had you never heard of Yeasayer???? Pick up the album. Stat.

  • Hi Dave, good post!
    I’ve recently re-discovered again.
    Fantastic discovery site.

  • Thanks Tara, I will definitely check out to find some new tunes. Subscribing to the podcast now. Thanks for the tip.

    As for Yeasayer, I have only seen them live. Here was my tweet from the show. Brace yourself,!/davedelaney/status/26147247035 :P

    Now I must add that the show was packed and the crowd seemed to really dig them, so there’s that. :)

  • Thanks buddy. @peterlamotte reminded me of that site too. I must say the user experience is really cool, not to mention the music is quite good. It was a tad somber for my taste, but better than much of the electronica stuff on

    Still, I must keep my ears and head open to new styles if I’m ever really going to discover NEW music. Right?

  • Boo! After posting my comment I just saw the reply on the post below about We Are Hunted. I know you said you didn’t care for the electronica on the site. Did you try the other genres on there?

  • Thanks Leah, I tried the “Punk” genre, but the music was still kinda electronicey*. There was some punk stuff on their though. I do like it too.

    *that’s a new word. You heard it hear first ;)

  • Tara Aaron

    Okay, so I guess you have to be as much of an Erasure fan as I am to get into Yeasayer. But since I don’t have to worry about anyone mistaking me for a gay European male, I can get my Erasure on all I want! :)

  • I get “gay European male” all of the time. :P

  • For me, it’s Pandora – that’s what I listen to most of the day. Lately, it’s been House/Techno music (it somehow keeps me focused, weird I know). Other than that, I discover new music by stalking other people’s streams :-)

  • Rodney Mccarthy

    dave, i guess i’m old fashion. i like / i also like Pandora.

  • Hey, those are great ways too!

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    I know you said you didn’t care for the electronica on the site. Did you try the other genres on there.

  • I did. The punk was alright, not amazing, but not bad.