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How to find new music

I had a blast at Next BIG Nashville at the Eventbrite party on Friday evening. Griffin (my employer) was a sponsor, so we got to have lots of fun handing out some goodies and meeting lots of people.

The definite highlight was meeting Eventbrite‘s Tamara Mendelsohn, Tyler Petersen with Freya. All amazing people you should follow on Twitter. Eventbrite sounds like one heck of a great company to work for too.


I caught more live music and went to more music venues in one night than I had in six months (sad, I know).

Together we caught Tennis, Yaesayer and Glossary (pictured). It was so good to catch some live music again, plus see three bands I had never heard of.

Back in the day I would see multiple shows a week. I would find all sorts of new music to listen to. I’d also spend countless hours listening to albums at my friend’s places. That’s how I discovered new music.

How to discover new music on the web

These days I don’t get out as much, so I turn to the web to find the best new music. Here are a few tips on how I do it.

  • to search for an artist who I really like, then start the radio to see who is similar. I then “Love” new artist tracks that I like (or love) and return to them later to hear more.
  • I often check out friends on to see what they are listening to. The service also shows if they have similar taste to what I like. Are we friends there?
  • Pandora at home on my Roku (affiliate link). I create a station by choosing an artist similar to the above.
  • to see what songs my friends are blipping. You can select a single person and listen to their songs, thus making them become a DJ. I recommend checking out csuspect and MichaelKaiser. Just press play below a track and the rest will play in order. Of course you can check out my selection there too if you’re so inclined.
  • NPR’s All Songs Considered, CBC Radio 3 has a few amazing shows, and RadiOblivion are all favorite podcasts to discover new (and old) music.

How about you? How do you discover new music online?


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