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The IT Crowd is hilarious

The IT CrowdIn an effort to reduce productivity and become more lazy, I’ve taken to exploring new programs on Netflix. I have been watching more shows since we finally purchased a Roku and canceled our cable. One such show is The IT Crowd (affiliate links). Hat tip to Mark for telling me about it.

Wikipedia writes:

Set in the London offices of the fictional corporation Reynholm Industries, the show revolves around the three staff members of its IT (information technology) department, comprising two geeky technicians, a genius named Moss (Richard Ayoade) and the workshy Roy (Chris O’Dowd), headed by Jen (Katherine Parkinson), the department’s ‘relationship manager’ who knows nothing about IT.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for British comedy, maybe because my Mum is a Brit. Yes, that’s how I spell “mom”.¬†Anyone who appreciates slapstick humor, geek culture or comedies about office life will LOVE this show. Here’s a taste…





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