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How to keep focused

Amber NaslundAmber Naslund is someone I really respect in our industry. She’s smart, savvy and fun to be around. Amber’s blog, Brass Tack Thinking, is one you should subscribe to. Together with the also awesome, Tamsen McMahon, they have created a kick ass resource for anyone interested in making things happen. Are you interested in making things happen?

Amber’s Four Secrets of the Super Productive post today is the perfect example of why she rocks. In it she shares four great methods to staying focused (I guess you could have gathered that from the title, eh?).

One method is to schedule meetings… with YOURSELF! What a great idea, why don’t we all do this? I think I can pencil me in for thirty minutes each day, how about you?

How I stay focused

Timer Utility

Amber asked for our tips too, so here’s mine. I use a free application (Mac) called Timer Utility. It’s a very simple countdown timer that sits where you place it on your screen.

When I make my To Do list each day, I schedule how long each task will take. For example, Twitter/Facebook from 9 am – 10 am. As I get started I start the countdown, so I can literally see my minutes┬árolling away.

Each time I click a silly link that I find on Twitter, dropping me into the rabbit hole of distraction, I gaze back to the clock.

My time is limited to get my tasks done, so that’s how I stay focused. It’s my little GTD tool.

How do you it?


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