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Can $1 change the world?

SaraJoy PondLast week, I had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago for the iStrategy conference. Like many of the conferences I go to, the highlights are always the people that I get to meet. One such person was SaraJoy Pond.

SaraJoy and I connected instantly as we spoke about micro-philanthropy, backpacking and traveling. She’s a true budget traveling success story, who is in the middle of an inspiring journey. Thanks to services like and great deals like JetBlue’s All You Can Jet, she’s traveling the world promoting her philanthropic startup, Tipping Bucket.

Tipping BucketWhat’s a tipping bucket?

Tipping Bucket was created, because young people are often told that their contributions are like drops in a bucket. So she teamed up with some great people and created an easy way for young (and not so young) people to contribute to a cause, one dollar (or more if you choose) at a time.

Her mission is to use aggregate fund raising to improve the lives of many people across the globe. Can $1 change the world? SaraJoy hopes to prove we can, she’s actually already proving it.

I recommend you download the free iPhone app and give it a try. It’s fantastic! Or you can check the site to make a drop in the bucket right now.



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