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Nashville, we are not on the same page

Photo from Flickr by: Foto_di_SignorinaLast year at BarCamp Nashville, I participated on a panel about the different technology communities in Nashville. A reoccurring issue that was raised was the miscommunication between different tech event planners. One thing we can never complain about is finding something to do socially in Nashville – there’s never a dull moment!

Kate O’Neill and I left the panel chatting about the communication conundrum. We agreed that someone should create a calendar to aggregate all of the events, so that there is one calendar that we can all subscribe to. Using Google Calendar I created the calendar and called it Nashville Technology Calendar (yes, I’ve used the word “calendar” far too many times in this post).

I explained here that anybody who wanted to have admin access to the calendar, so they could add their events, would be granted access. No big deal, right? The thing is, not everybody agreed or were able to find a simple way to add their events.

Yesterday, I learned that Nashcocktail, an event I organize each month, was conflicting with Scott McIntosh‘s Nashville Tech Meetup Group, which I would have loved to attend, especially since Mitch Canter was leading it. I had no idea the event was taking place until John Ellis pointed it out to me.

Managing a calendar is not something I want to be responsible for

I only made the calendar to make it easier for our community to know what’s going on, so that we don’t conflict with each other. There’s nothing I want more than Nashville to be recognized across the world as the technology hub that it is. Visiting and local geeks should be able to easily find something fun to do.

I’m open to other options to create and manage a calendar. Any takers? Any advice on how we can all be on the same page for once? I’m open to your ideas.

Photo from Flickr by: Foto_di_Signorina


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