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Nashville, we are not on the same page

Photo from Flickr by: Foto_di_SignorinaLast year at BarCamp Nashville, I participated on a panel about the different technology communities in Nashville. A reoccurring issue that was raised was the miscommunication between different tech event planners. One thing we can never complain about is finding something to do socially in Nashville – there’s never a dull moment!

Kate O’Neill and I left the panel chatting about the communication conundrum. We agreed that someone should create a calendar to aggregate all of the events, so that there is one calendar that we can all subscribe to. Using Google Calendar I created the calendar and called it Nashville Technology Calendar (yes, I’ve used the word “calendar” far too many times in this post).

I explained here that anybody who wanted to have admin access to the calendar, so they could add their events, would be granted access. No big deal, right? The thing is, not everybody agreed or were able to find a simple way to add their events.

Yesterday, I learned that Nashcocktail, an event I organize each month, was conflicting with Scott McIntosh‘s Nashville Tech Meetup Group, which I would have loved to attend, especially since Mitch Canter was leading it. I had no idea the event was taking place until John Ellis pointed it out to me.

Managing a calendar is not something I want to be responsible for

I only made the calendar to make it easier for our community to know what’s going on, so that we don’t conflict with each other. There’s nothing I want more than Nashville to be recognized across the world as the technology hub that it is. Visiting and local geeks should be able to easily find something fun to do.

I’m open to other options to create and manage a calendar. Any takers? Any advice on how we can all be on the same page for once? I’m open to your ideas.

Photo from Flickr by: Foto_di_Signorina


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  • I hadn’t seen your original post about the tech calender, mostly because I still too new to Nashville at the time. I hope you don’t take this as a personal attack, but I don’t think a single calendar will ever cover as much as you would like. Sure, it may cover what *you* personally want on it, but there will always be other events. There will always be things it doesn’t capture. That said, it could obviously capture more events, but ultimately there will always be an event that is “missed”.

    My point isn’t to say that the calendar shouldn’t exist, but rather that I think your scope may need tweaking. I tried (for a short while) to capture all of the various soccer games, practices, pickups, etc for Nashville and quickly realized that there were things people were going to that I had no idea about. So really my calendar (even if I maintained it weekly) was always just the things I knew about, it was my scope.

    I’m sorry that I can’t propose a solution, I’m just not sure what the problem is to correct.

  • Thanks Jordan. I see where you’re coming from, but I still think we need a
    way to stay on top of all of the great things Nashville has to offer in the
    technology community. Not only does it serve the purposes I’ve mentioned,
    but it also helps to promote the city.

    There is a reason why publications like the Nashville Scene have a
    successful concert listing section. Why can’t we do the same for tech?

  • Anonymous

    The Nashville Technology Council has offered in the past to host and manage this on their site. I think the idea of having it open for everyone to admin is more than likely not going to work in the end.

    Let’s reach out to the NTC and take them up on their offer.



  • Well, the Scene has a successful concert listing section for two reasons:
    a) They have paid staff that go out and find shows, write them up, and add them to their CMS, and
    b) The Scene is read by a ton of people, so bands (and venues) want their stuff on there.
    I know, (b) is kind of a chicken and egg thing, but I still don’t have any ideas for a solution.

  • I would LOVE for the NTC to run with it. I love with Tod, Katy and company
    are doing there.
    Great idea Jason. Thanks.

  • Maybe I should start charging for events, then I would have the budget. :P
    Just kidding.
    I think Jason is on to something. It makes sense for the NTC to run this, I
    hope they are up to the task.

  • I like the idea of NTC managing the calendar but I also like the thought of it being open enough so that anyone can add content as needed. Thoughts on setting up a simple community site using a tool like and host the calendar there?

    The calendar would be open to the public, if you want to submit a calendar entry you can create a profile. NTC could manage the site and would likely have to moderate to get rid of the spammy type posts.

  • Thanks Matt!
    Interesting idea.

  • Although I rep the NYC, I think that it is SO cool that you’re doing this for your local community, Dave. Good Luck. :)

  • Thanks buddy. Having too many things to do for geeks in Nashville is not a
    bad thing. Just figuring out what the hell is going on all of the time is
    the tricky part :)


  • Katy Kirby

    Hi All- Katy from the Nashville Technology Council here. We do have a community calendar:

    Anyone can submit an event here. This has been on our site for a long while…some people use it, others do not. I’d appreciate any feedback on how we can improve it (where it’s located on our site, the interface, etc.) or get the word out about it in a better manner. Thanks!

  • Thanks Katy!

  • Katy:
    A couple suggestions:
    – Provide an iCal export so that this calendar can be brought into people’s calendar apps. (If this exists, where? All I see is the RSS feed.)
    – Allow people to submit recurring events (and manage them?).

  • Dave,

    I know Digital Nashville is interested in helping you with this. Let’s talk. Is Nashville Technology going to run it?

  • Digital Nashville is also willing to help with a calender. It might be nice to get folks together for a quick (very quick) meeting to coordinate.


  • Thanks Christine. As the official body that oversees technology in Nashville, I would really love to see the NTC manage the calendar.

    I love what Digital Nashville is doing, but using a Ning calendar is problematic for many people.

  • These are all great suggestions Jordan. I know Tod has been away, when he’s back I expect we’ll hear some suggestions from NTC. I hope so.

  • It doesn’t matter who does it as long as it is done. Who is coordinating the information? I know others are interested in helping as well. Just let me know what I can do?

  • We’ve been dealing with this in Cincinnati, too. One group has stepped up to manage it.

  • Joe Wessels

    Who is that group?

  • Social Pint – check out this post:

  • Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing this Daniel!

    It’s great to hear from you.

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