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How to create a Twitter newspaper

Photo from Flickr by: juicyraiExtra! Extra! Read all about it! Smallriver‘s is your morning online paper, curated exactly how you like it. organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag.

TNW’s Jeff Bajayo describes it well:

Don’t have time to read your Twitter stream every day, but enjoy reading your morning newspaper? Well here’s a great functional solution for you. has an original web app that turns your Twitter stream into a daily online newspaper. Your Twitter newspaper is updated every day just like the morning post.

Nashville Technology News

Naturally, I wanted to create the perfect Nashville technology community paper, so I could stay on top of what’s happening in tech around town. Our very own Lucas Hendrickson has created the ultimate Twitter list of Nash tech folks, so I used his “nashtechcommunity” list. only took a few moments to produce my ideal morning page to visit. Thanks to Lucas for keeping up such a well sourced list of awesome people. Check out your morning Nashville Tech Community paper now.

How to find a list

Not in Nashville and looking for a good list to import in to Have a look on Listorious, you won’t leave disappointed. You can also create papers based on usernames or hashtags, like say #bcn10 for example. ;)

Photo from Flickr by: juicyrai


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