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The best way to embed YouTube videos on WordPress

Vladimir Prelovac, I could kiss you! No, not like that. I just want to thank you for making it easy to embed YouTube videos on my WordPress blog.

Last week I wrote a blog post that included a video. I forgot to include the link to the video, unfortunately they don’t always appear for those of you who subscribe to this blog by email.

I tweeted, asking if anyone had any favorite YouTube WordPress plugins. It seemed I wasn’t alone, as friends Jessy Yancey and Merlene Paynter replied asking for me to share anything good that I find.

Smart Youtube

Well I’m happy to report that I found the perfect plugin to make embedding YouTube videos easy, it’s called Smart Youtube.┬áIt’s dead simple to install and to set up.

Main Features

  • Embed YouTube videos with ease
  • Embed YouTube playlists
  • Supports latest high quality video protocols (360p and HD quality 720p)
  • Allows full YouTube customization (colors, border, full screen…)
  • Supports video deep linking (starting at desired point with &start=time parameter, use &start=num parameter)
  • Works on iPod and iPhone
  • Provides a sidebar widget for videos as well
  • Produces xHTML valid code
  • Very fast and light, no extra scripts needed

If you run a WordPress blog you should go grab the plugin now. Thank me later.

And now… let’s dance!



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