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A hunter shoots a bear!

A few years ago Burger King ran one of the most creative online ad campaigns. Many of you will remember “subservient chicken”, the fun site where millions flocked to tell a chicken what to do.

Creating original and creative ads online isn’t easy, one must really think outside of the box (I’m sick of that term too). One favorite was Apple’s New York Times online ad from May, 2009. The actors in the ad actually interact with a different ad, literally outside of the box. Check it out here.

This morning I came across this brilliant YouTube ad from Chris Matyszczyk’s CNET post. It uses some strong language, so it’s best to use headphones.

Can’t see the video?

HEMA’s hilariously entertaining shopping site and Old Spice‘s recent viral campaign, are a couple of my other favorites.

What’s your favorite creative online advertisement?


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