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Bodes Well

Bodes WellI want to thank those of you who took the time to vote for my proposed SXSW panel on integrating social media with road trips.

As many of you know I did my own road trip with five friends from Griffin last January. Together we restored a 1972 VW Westfalia minibus named Double Nickels, and we drove it 2,500 miles from Nashville to Las Vegas for CES.

In early December we got a comment on our blog from Jim Miller about the Rehm family, who had embarked on a road trip that blew ours out of the water.

Bodes Well, you should be tooBodes Well

Jim, Angela and their five-year old son, Bode, had (has) a wild trip ahead of them.

Together, the BodesWell family is traveling for a “few months” in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America in a 1971 VW Westy. I used quotes on few months, because they have been on the road since January.

I’ve long been an advocate for getting up and going, I’ve been trying to tell a friend to do it. Traveling is an experience that opens the mind and makes a person well-rounded. Traveling from Toronto, Canada to Galway, Ireland is how I met my best friend and wife, Heather, and it’s how we ended up in Nashville.

If you’re itching to travel you should do it. You only live once and life is short.

I had such a wonderful time traveling with my friends from work in our six-day CESBound road trip, but I must admit I am very jealous of what Team Bodeswell are up to.¬†Read this post from Angela and tell me you’re not jealous too.

Heck, if you really love what they are doing you may want to chip-in a few bucks or buy a tee shirt to show your support. Follow the family on Facebook! If they leave you inspired perhaps you should plan a road trip of your own.


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