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A must for SXSW attendees

SXSW InteractiveSouth by Southwest Interactive has quickly become the biggest gathering of bloggers and social media types. Last year the number of attendees actually surpassed the music festival number, which is really something considering SXSW began as a music festival.

Part of the charm of SXSW is the opportunity to pitch a panel yourself. Once the panel has been added to the official Panel Picker, you need to get your friends to give it a thumbs up (vote) and to leave a comment of support. The more votes and comments, the more likely your panel will be selected.

Friends Panel

My friend, Chris Ennis, who helped develop the Geek Breakfast site, has come up with a pretty incredible service to help you panel-picking maniacs. It’s called Friends Panel and it’s pretty simple to use. You just drag the bookmarklet to the top of your browser. Anytime you select a panel on the panel picker site, you click the Friends Panel button. This adds the panel to your profile, which you can then share with your friends and fellow attendees. One click, easy!

Friends Panel is a great way to see which panels your friends are planning to attend, which you are planning for and which ones are most popular. Here’s a link to my Friends Panel.

Please vote

Oh, one last thing. Please be sure to vote and leave a comment for my panel,  Your Social Media is in my Road Trip! It’s all about integrating social media in road trips. Today is the final day to vote. Please vote for me! Thanks.

My friend, Bryan Person, has compiled a kick ass collection of panels to choose from too. Check them out and use Friends Panel to share them.


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