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I don’t know how to meet geeks

I don’t know how to meet geeks!

If you have ever exclaimed this, then you’re not looking hard enough at the networking opportunities around you. Here are a few great ways you can get involved with Nashville’s awesome technology community. If you live elsewhere, why not get some inspiration from Music City, USA?

Nashcocktail is a great monthly event to mix and mingle with Nashville’s finest bloggers, podcasters and social media enthusiasts. All you need to do isĀ  show up, have a cold drink and revel in the energy from nearly 100 fellow online content creators. RSVP for August now.

Geek Breakfast is a monthly breakfast event in it’s third year. Join local and visiting geeks to drink endless cups of coffee and eat incredible bacon, eggs, french toast and cheese blintzes. We meet each month at Noshville, you should come! RSVP for 7:30 – 8:30 or 8:30 to 9:30 for August!

BarCamp Nashville is Nashville’s original technology unconference. It’s self-organized by the community for the community. Each year the event has grown astronomically, from 300 in 2007 to 700 last year! This is a free conference that any tech-geek would be foolish to miss. BarCamp is now seeking volunteers to help make it bigger and better than ever. Are you up for the challenge? Join us this Monday night!

But Dave, these are all of your babies! What about the other technology events that go on in Nashville?

You’re right, the technology community is alive and kicking in this town. There are plenty of events organized by Digital Nashville, the Technology Council and Social Media Club Nashville. Each organization is doing a great job, you should keep your eyes out for what is coming up next.

If you’re subscribed to the independent Nashville Technology Calendar, you’ll be aware that every couple of months Firefly Logic throw a fun Geek Social and CentreSource open their house up for their crazy Mixer. You’re all invited you know!

Maybe you’re beyond help?

If you haven’t met a cool geek in this town by September 1st, then there’s no hope for you. Pack up and move to one of those up and coming technology cities like Austin, Seattle, San Francisco or Silicon Valley. Good luck, you are going to need it!


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