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Five tips for Nashcocktail


Tonight is the first monthly Nashcocktail hour! If you’re in Nashville and have any interest in blogging, podcasting, online content creation, social media, social networking sites, etc., then you need to be there.

I’d like to personally give a big shout out to the gang at Paramore|Redd for being the first Nashcocktail sponsor. The August sponsorship has been grabbed (more on that soon), which means September is still open if you’re interested.

Here are five tips about tonight and future Nashcocktail hours:

  1. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about future events. If we have prizing to giveaway we’ll be choosing from this list
  2. Please be sure to follow @nashcocktail on Twitter and tag your tweets with #nashcocktail
  3. Don’t forget to add your photos and videos to the Flickr group
  4. If you like it, LIKE it on Facebook. The Facebook page will be a great place to connect with other cocktailers. You can share photos and videos there too
  5. Please don’t forget to RSVP, so I have an accurate number

See you tonight!


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