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Slow down Dave!

Photo from Flickr by: VoxphotoI tend to do things quickly. The things that truly need research and planning get planned, but I’m quick on most things.

My problem is that if I over think an idea, I tend to think it to death.

Doing things quickly created the first BarCamp Nashville, PodCamp Nashville, Geek Breakfast and now Social Media Cocktail Hour.

The thing is that in my haste I made an error in the description of the event. I said that there is no other monthly event in Nashville for us social media types. I was wrong.

Slow down Dave!

It was pointed out to me that Digital Nashville has a monthly mixer, which completely slipped my mind as I quickly wrote up the post and invite details.

60 people have RSVP’d to the Nashcocktail event, so I’m happy to see that people were able to work it into their busy schedules. I think it’ll be a fun night of meeting new people and connecting with friends in person.

I apologize for calling it the only monthly event. Maybe I need to slow down a little.

How about you? Are you too quick? Do you over think things to death?

Photo from Flickr by: Voxphoto


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