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Connecting people in need with neighbors who care

Donate Nashville

During the 1,000 year flood in Nashville a new non-profit site was born, Donate Nashville.

When a community faces large-scale challenges, needs can easily fall through the cracks. We created Donate Nashville to fill in the gaps, inviting our community to post its needs, no matter how small or unusual, as well as its many resources.

It’s a Craigslist-style online tool to connect people who have time or resources with people who need help recovering from the aftermath of the historic flooding. The site is broken in to two sections: I Need and I Have.

I Need: Users who are in need of a hand or material donations can list those needs. Volunteer requests can be entered by date, time, neighborhood and number of volunteers, and can be searched by volunteers willing to help by a specific date and time. Material donations can be entered, allowing users to first search the database to make an instant connection if items are available or to create a new listing.

I Have: Users with time or material donations can list what they have to offer. When a volunteer enters a time donation, the engine will search the “I Need” section for any open volunteer opportunities available during the specified time.  When material donations are entered, they are added to a database of available resources to be matched with people searching for those needs.

Donate Nashville is an incredibly simple service that brought our community together in a very difficult time. It continues to support Nashville, through the flood relief and beyond. It’s a great way to connect people in need with neighbors who care.

Take a listen to the latest Nashville Tech Feed podcast, to hear an interview with two of the founders, Chip Hayner and Morgan Levy.


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