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25,000 tweets a success!

25,000 TweetsI surpassed 25,000 tweets a short time ago. That’s 25,000 links, pearls of wisdom, silly jokes and replies to your tweets.

When I wrote How to celebrate 25,000 tweets, the plan was to try to raise $2,500 for needy classrooms using I wanted to do this┬áby the time I reached 25,000 tweets. The goal wasn’t met, but together we did raise $256 UPDATE: $356!

10% goes a long way

While we only raised 10% of the goal, we did manage to help approximately 510 students receive the items needed for their art classes. Specifically, we contributed to a bass drum, picture frames, water color paints, paint brushes and a bean bag chair. This was a success!

I want to sincerely thank Kelly Noack, Matt Hollowell, Nancy VanReece, Ann Miller, Mrs. Meg Appleby, Anne Kistler, Kate O’Neill and Mary Ann Bernald. THANK YOU!

I should also thank Beth Kanter and Chris Brogan. It was back in the early days of Twitter when they introduced me to the concept of using Twitter for good.

Read Chris’ blog post about Beth’s cause, which he tweeted back in October 2007. Together we all retweeted Chris and Beth’s tweets and were able to raise $2,040 (double the amount needed) to help put Leng Sopharath, a Cambodian orphan, through college.

Have you seen any good examples of using Twitter for good?


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