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How a homemade colon cleanse taught me a lesson

Dave Made This

When I started blogging in 2005 I was going to use it to promote my web design skills. I thought I was a good designer, but in retrospect I had lots of room for improvement. Lots.  I decided to call the blog Dave Made This, which was the name of my mediocre web site design business.

I decided to take blogging more seriously and start writing about interesting things I found on the web with an emphasis on marketing.

I recently missed the boat on renewing my domain. It’s not the end of the world to me, because my content is still live on and archived in the Way Back Machine.

I really should have paid attention to the domain renewal reminder emails. I should have coughed up the coin after the first reminder, but I didn’t.

The moral of the story is easy. Don’t procrastinate making payments for your domain renewals, you never know where the URL will end up!

UPDATE: The punch line is in the link kids, you need to click the link ;)


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