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How do you backup your computer?

Photo from Flickr by: daryl_mitchell

I read an article yesterday from the Toronto Star titled: Laptop with family photos stolen from hospital room.

The story is about a laptop containing hundreds of sentimental photos that was stolen from an elderly patient’s room at a local cancer treatment center.

To make matters worse, the computer contained photos of the 89-year-old patient’s granddaughter who died in March from a rare form of spinal cord cancer.

Back it up NOW

I am a big advocate for backing up your data, it’s something we often put off doing or neglect all together. Theft, fire, flood and hardware failures can happen to any of us at any time. This is why it’s so important to have a great backup system in place.

I run a nightly backup with my MyBook external hard drive (affiliate link). I also use Carbonite, which is a service that lets you backup your encrypted data to the cloud, so that you can access it anywhere.

As my friend, Baratunde Thurston wrote: Please backup your hard drive now… twice! It was his story that made me begin taking backups so seriously, give it a read.

What do you use for backing up your computer?

As for the jerk who stole the computer, the police have security footage of the suspect. I hope they find him and throw the book at him.

Photo from Flickr by: daryl_mitchell


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