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Nashville Flood

I’ve been having a hard time composing this post, it’s an incredibly strange feeling to be sitting in what President Obama has officially declared a disaster area. In fact, I’m sitting outside of my local Starbucks with the sun shining down on me. I feel guilty because there is a barn just down the road with water nearly reaching the top of it’s entrance. I’m here sipping my over-priced coffee, waiting to go to work, while so many in Nashville have lost everything.

Three years ago I came to Nashville and fell instantly in love with it. I often refer to “home” as Toronto, the city where I’m from, but Nashville truly is my and my family’s home now. I’m so proud to be living in a city where the people are among the friendliest in the world. This is an incredible place!

Nashville is in a world of hurt. You can help.

For now, Nashville is in a world of hurt. Much of our city is literally under water. While much of mainstream media have not picked up the story, it’s up to us to be be loud enough to let the world hear that we need help. Write blog posts, take photos, shoot videos, tweet; use #nashvilleflood and “nashville flood” as your tags and inundate the web with our message.

The Mid-TN Red Cross and the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee need donations. Consider that most Nashvillians do not have flood insurance, because the state is landlocked. This is being called a 1,000-year flood.

I have to hand it to Christy Frink and Morgan Levy who run and write our hyper-local news blog, Nashvillest. Our local media has done a great job at keeping us up to date, but Nashvillest is truly the voice of our community. Thank you Christy and Morgan, and everyone who has contributed to sharing our story.

This story isn’t over.


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